Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wow...our third exchange student....seems just like yesterday that our "son" Jonathan from Denmark went home. Better yet, it seems just like yesterday that our first exchange student, Carolin from Germany, stayed with us for a year. We didn't think we were going to host again this year because we wanted to get some things accomplished around the house, but then we started talking and realized...why can't we get those things accomplished while he is here?? So with that, we decided to host again.

After many long nights of reading profiles and bio pages, we picked Eskil from Norway. We loved in his bio how he talked about how he and his family never argue and that they talk situations over. After reading this, we figured he would fit into our family just great.

We feel excited about him being apart of our family and our opportunity to learn his culture. We feel nervous about him liking us, liking our cooking, liking the way we live on a daily basis. We hope during the experience that we learn how others around the world live and what is important to them in life. We feel this experience is going to be a success if we have open communication and learn to respect each others opinions and most important their "culture".

Eskil will be arriving in Dallas on Thursday, August 12, 2010.

Well now that we are in the facebook age, we have been facebooking for two months. We feel like we already know him. We have been telling him to bring the cold weather because it is so hot here in Texas. We also started facebooking with his mom, who will really miss him. He has friends facebooking me asking me to please take care of him.

We will leave for Dallas tomorrow afternoon to pick him up. Can't wait for him to experience the Texas heat and our culture.

His room is ready and decorated and we are ready for him to arrive.